Women in Lust: “Bayou” by Clancy Nacht

An excerpt from the second story in Women in Lust, “Bayou” by Clancy Nacht, who you can follow @clancynacht on Twitter.

From “Bayou” by Clancy Nacht

His hand presses on the center of my back, urging me forward. I grip the windowsill. My reflection gazes back at me as I spread my legs for him, letting him see all he wants of me.
I don’t dare look back at him. It ruins the moment.

I must always look forward, stare into space.

He draws the line of the ice along my lower back, filling in the space with swirls, light touches. He repeats it long enough to hear me moan, to watch my spine rise trying to get more of the cold tip of the ice. My skin flinches, shrinking from his fingers as he strokes the ice along my body.

Just a sliver in his hand, he dips it between my asscheeks; I jump. I’ve never felt the chill of ice on my anus; never felt it swirling around my opening like that.

The confused sensations make me shiver; such a warm area suddenly flushing with cold. And he moves it down, down, down to that sensitive skin between.

My pussy clenches in anticipation.

I want to feel it there. I dread the absolute cold of the ice, but I want the pure sensation. I want to feel the chill of it on my hot opening. I want to take it inside of me and turn it into nothing but water.

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Women in Lust excerpt: “Her, Him, and Them” by Aimee Pearl

An excerpt from the second story in Women in Lust, “Her, Him, and Them” by Aimee Pearl.

“Baby,” she whispers, gentle and sweet, “did you come?”

“Yes,” I sigh.


She grabs my hair hard by the fistful and shoves my face viciously into the pillow. “Didn’t I tell you to ask first?” comes her fervent growl. I suddenly get it and snap into submissive mode.

“I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t ask you if you were sorry. Do you remember that I told you to ask first?”


“So why didn’t you do as you were told?”

Her angry energy is enough to make me come again, as I beg and plead. “I forgot, it just felt so good, I couldn’t help it, please, I’m sorry…”

Much later that night, she says, “I like telling girls what to do. And girls seem to like to be told. Why is that? Why do girls like that?”

“Because it’s so relaxing…”

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Women in Lust excerpt: “Guess” by Charlotte Stein

An excerpt from the second story in Women in Lust, “Guess” by Charlotte Stein, who you can follow @Charlotte_Stein on Twitter.

Charlotte Stein

I know he’s there, because I can smell him. It’s that cherry lip gloss he knows I like, though god knows where he’s put it. On his lips? Too conventional. On his nipples? They’re small and perky and would look delicious coated in something slippery, but I doubt it.

I’m betting on his cock; undoubtedly on his cock. And while I’m lying here blindfolded and largely helpless, he’s going to make me taste it⎯that cherry-scented, cherry-flavored curve of flesh.
I can just picture him now, getting closer, with it bobbing between his thighs. His breath is unsteady, though his resolve seems to be holding, and every now and then I can hear him, moving in close.

There’s just that hint of too close, like maybe he can’t quite help himself.

I think that sets me off more than the blindfold⎯that sense of his bucking arousal, trying to lunge at me. How it excites him to the point of teeth baring and flushed cheeks, to think of me cut off like this: entirely unable to tell what he’s going to do next; not sure which body part he’s touching me with.

Is that his finger, trailing over the curve of my hip? I’m spread out on the bed, legs wide to show off my already glistening pussy, so there’s plenty for him to go after. But he chooses just that tiny innocuous spot, with the edge of something light and small.

And then I feel something moist and sudden, against the squeamish inside of my right elbow.

Read the whole story in Women in Lust: Erotic Stories.


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Women in Lust excerpt: “Naughty Thoughts” by Portia Da Costa

An excerpt of the first story in Women in Lust, “Naughty Thoughts” by Portia Da Costa, who you can follow @PortiaDaCosta on Twitter.

“Are you having those naughty thoughts again, you bad girl? I can always tell, because your eyes start to cross.”

Terrence accompanies his accusation with a swirl of his hips, a move that nearly blows the top of my head off. It also nearly dislodges said naughty thoughts he’s accusing me of. But not quite. They’re so naughty that I can’t seem to shake them, despite another virtuoso hip-swirl that makes me groan and claw his back.

“Back with us again, are we?” he gasps, laughing as he shags. He really is the most fabulous, fabulous fuck.

“Yes! Yes!” It’s half gasp, half cry, all genuine. I don’t have to do a Meg Ryan when I’m with Terrence. He’s just gorgeous and he knows how to do the business. And if that wasn’t enough, he looks like a movie star too. And not one of those mindless action hunks, mind you, all pecs and teeth and tan. No, he’s like the more thoughtful kind of star, one with lots of grey cells, and a major league sense of humor to go with his exceptional body.

And he’s on top of me now, going like a jackhammer.

Or he was.

For a moment, he raises himself up on his elbows and looks down on me. His handsome face is sweaty and a little flushed, but that only makes him sexier than ever. And even hotter for the look in his eyes. They’re narrowed, sort of cute but sly, and shiver-inducingly knowing. He gives a little shake of his head as if he’s read my mind. I hope he has, and I hope he likes what’s in there.

He gives me a soft little kiss, on the corner of my mouth. “Maybe I should go down on you again for a while. That’ll stop you wool-gathering while I’m giving you my fanciest moves, you naughty bitch.” He licks his lips and that makes him look incredibly naughty.

You could spank me.

I open my mouth. I almost say it. But I don’t. Not yet. That’s a delicious treat I’m saving to surprise him. Doesn’t stop me thinking about it though.

Read the whole story in Women in Lust: Erotic Stories.

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Women in Lust virtual book tour, November 2011

In November 2011, we’re hosting a month-long virtual book tour for Women in Lust. Stay tuned to this post for updates and while there are slots left, if you want to be part of the tour, which involves posting the cover, 2 links and a review, interview, excerpt or other related musings on the theme, email womeninlust at gmail.com with “Tour” in the subject along with your name, mailing list and URL. You will receive a copy of the book in mid-October.

November 2011 virtual book tour

1 Modern Courtesan Magazine

2 T. Harrison, Erotic Romance Author

3 Michelle Dobrawsky

4 Our Toy Box

5 Louisa Bacio

6 The Eroticist

7 Minivan Libertine

8 Victoria Blisse

9 EFAC: Extinct Flightless Arts Collective

10 Desiree Odessa

11 Robin’s Toy Nest

12 Saskia Vogel

13 The Feminist Librarian

14 Erobintica

15 Baser Instincts

16 RubiconReader

17 The Smutketeers

18 Dee Carney

19 Shanna Germain

20 The Four Horsewomen of the Metropolis

21 The Green Light District

22 Leilani Loves Books

23 The Dirty Geisha – Exile in Smutville

24 XOXO and All That Jazz

25 Erotica du Jour

26 My Whole Sex Life

27 Un Frisson Nouveau

28 Erotica for All

29 Del Carmen

30 Writing Sex

December 2011

1 Pursed Lips

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Women in Lust contributor bios

Learn more about the authors whose stories you will read in Women in Lust.

Jacqueline Applebee is a writer who breaks down barriers with smut. Her stories have been published in anthologies such as Best Women’s Erotica, Alison’s Wonderland, and Fast Girls. She can be found online at writing-in-shadows.co.uk.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Olivia Archer now resides in Los Angeles. She isn’t your typical California girl who rides the surf; she would rather ride (or write) waves of pleasure.

Del Carmen is a sexy Latina from New York City. She is new to erotica and looking forward to exposing more of herself. Visit her at http://www.mydelcarmen.blogspot.com.

Elizabeth Coldwell lives and writes in London. Her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies including Please, Sir;, Smooth and Orgasmic. She can be found blogging at The (Really) Naughty Corner, http://elizabethcoldwell.wordpress.com. She doesn’t smoke, but she has no objection to cute men, Dutch or otherwise, who do.

Portia Da Costa pens both romance and women’s erotica and is the author of over twenty novels and a hundred- plus short stories. Praised for her vivid, emotional writing, she’s best known for her Black Lace titles, but now writes for a variety of publishers, including Harlequin Spice.

Jen Cross is a writer, performer, and writing workshop facilitator. Her writing appears in many anthologies and periodicals, including Make/Shift, Nobody Passes, Visible: A Femmethology, and Best Sex Writing 2008. She tours with the Body Heat Femme Porn Tour and facilitates writing workshops in the Bay Area. For more, visit writingourselveswhole.org.

Justine Elyot is the author of On Demand (Black Lace) and The Business of Pleasure (Xcite Books), as well as having contributed numerous short stories to volumes of erotica and erotic romance. Her work can be found in anthologies from Cleis Press, Black Lace, Xcite Books and Total E-Bound, among others.

Kin Fallon is a writer from England. She likes and wants more love, happiness and pleasure for herself and others. She spends her spare time trying to spread peace and love in the world as best she can.

Brandy Fox writes poetry, short stories, essays and novels for both children and adults, but writing erotica has by far been the most fun. She lives in Washington State with her spouse and two boys.

Shanna Germain has an unending lust for all things shiny and sharp, including knives, nipple clamps and quick wits. You can read more of her work in places like Best American Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica 2, Best Gay Romance, Best Lesbian Erotica, Bitten, Frenzy and Playing With Fire. Join her other stalkers at http://www.shannagermain.com.

K. D. Grace lives in England with her husband. She is passionate about nature, writing, and sex⎯not necessarily in that order. She enjoys Chinese martial arts, frightening attempts to learn piano, long distance walking and extreme vegetable gardening. She has published a novel, The Initiation of Ms. Holly.

Aimee Herman, a performance poet, currently works as sections editor of erotica for Oysters & Chocolate. She can be read in the anthologies, Oysters & Chocolate Erotic Stories of Every Flavor (NAL), Best Lesbian Love Stories 2010 (Alyson Books), and Best Women’s Erotica 2010 (Cleis Press).

Lucy Hughes lives by the Gulf of Mexico among the pelicans and palmettos. She is currently in graduate school, and when the professors forget to lock the door, allowing her to escape from the lab.

Clancy Nacht squeezes writing in amongst her job, her husband, and three feral rescue cats. She has written erotic fiction since 2003 but did not delve into professional writing until 2009. Since then she has been published by Cleis Press, Phaze, Ravenous Romance, Noble Romance, and Dreamspinner Press.

Aimee Pearl is the pen name of a kinky bi girl living in that playful paradise known as San Francisco. Her erotic stories—all true-life tales—appear in Please, Sir: Stories of Female Submission, Best Women’s Erotica, and Best Lesbian Erotica, among other places.

Kayar Silkenvoice is a bisexual polyamorous writer living in San Francisco. A post-feminist graduate of one of the Seven Sisters Colleges, she writes to promote sex-positive culture, hosts the weekly Silken On Sex podcast, and produces erotic audio recordings. Kayar’s passion is sexual exploration. Join her on SilkenOnSex.com.

Charlotte Stein has published many stories in various erotic anthologies. Her own collection of short stories, The Things That Make Me Give In, was named one of the best erotic romances of 2009 by Michelle Buonfiglio. She has novellas and a novel with Ellora’s Cave, Total-E-Bound and Xcite, and you can contact her here: themightycharlottestein.blogspot.com.

Donna George Storey is the author of Amorous Woman, a very steamy tale of an American woman’s love affair with Japan. Her erotic fiction has been published in numerous journals and anthologies including Clean Sheets, Penthouse, Best Women’s Erotica, Best American Erotica and X: The Erotic Treasury. Read more at http://www.DonnaGeorgeStorey.com.

Amelia Thornton is a very good girl with very bad thoughts, who lives by the English seaside with her collection of school canes, a lot of vintage lingerie, and too many shoes. She enjoys baking, and writing beautiful naughtiness.

About the Editor

Rachel Kramer Bussel (rachelkramerbussel.com) is a New York–based author, editor and blogger. She has edited over thirty books of erotica, including Gotta Have It; Best Bondage Erotica 2011; Her Surrender; Obsessed; Orgasmic; Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories; Spanked; Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 1 and 2; Fast Girls; Smooth; Passion; The Mile High Club; Do Not Disturb; Tasting Him; Tasting Her; Please, Sir; Please, Ma’am; He’s on Top; She’s on Top; Caught Looking; Hide and Seek; Crossdressing and Rubber Sex. She is the Best Sex Writing series editor, and winner of six IPPY (Independent Publisher) Awards. Her work has been published in over one hundred anthologies, including Best American Erotica 2004 and 2006. She serves as senior editor at Penthouse Variation, and wrote the popular “Lusty Lady” column for The Village Voice.

Rachel is a sex columnist for SexisMagazine.com and has written for AVN, Bust, Cleansheets.com, Cosmopolitan, Curve, The Daily Beast, Fresh Yarn, TheFrisky.com, Gothamist, Huffington Post, Mediabistro, Newsday, New York Post, Penthouse, Playgirl, Radar, San Francisco Chronicle, Time Out New York and Zink, among others. She has appeared on “The Martha Stewart Show” and Showtime’s “Family Business.” She hosted the popular In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series (inthefleshreadingseries.com), and speaks at conferences, does readings and teaches erotic writing workshops across the country. She blogs at lustylady.blogspot.com.

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Women in Lust: Erotic Stories in stores October 2011

Women in Lust, an erotic anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, will be published in October 2011 by Cleis Press. You can reach editor Rachel Kramer Bussel at womeninlust at gmail.com for press requests.

Order Women in Lust from:


Kindle (link TK)



IndieBound (order from your local bookstore)

Cleis Press

Ladies Who Lust

Lust. It’s one of those four-letter words that trips off the tongue. When I say it out loud, it makes my lips want to curve into a smile. Lust is more than simple arousal; it is the force that makes us not just turned on, but craving a certain person (or people).

I used to write a sex column called “Lusty Lady,” named after the famed strip club, but somehow lusty, rhyming as it does with busty, sounds a bit like a joke, an added bit of humor, which is how our culture often treats sex. Lust, though, is different; it’s intense, overpowering. While in real life we may not always act every time lust calls to us, in fiction, we can abandon the safety of propriety and seek out lust and sex wherever we find them.

The characters in Women in Lust may vary in the objects of their lust, and how they go about acting on their urge, but what connects them is that pure impulse for a lover. Sometimes he is someone she knows well, is married to or dating; in other stories, he is a stranger, and is sexy precisely because he represents the unknown. Women also lust after other women here, as in Kayar Silkenvoice’s Japanese happy ending massage story, “Cherry Blossom,” and while we only hear one side of the story, I’d like to think the working woman is doing more than just her job. In addition to the culture clash, there’s the joy of throwing caution to the wind while on vacation, using travel to broaden one’s sexual horizons. Whether watching a lover playing guitar, using a webcam, going out for a smoke or simply embracing a chance encounter, these women seize the opportunities presented to them, and savor the lovers who teach them about themselves and help them open up to new sensual possibilities. Sometimes that means looking at the man they live with in a new light, and other times that means something much naughtier. Either way, their lust is a valued part of their lives, not a pesky afterthought or to-do list item on “date night.”

The objects of their lust are not always the “right” person. In “Rain,” a woman falls for her best friend’s boyfriend, one of the ultimate dating taboos, but she goes for it. Sometimes the desire itself, the way it can be used to tease and taunt, as in Charlotte Stein’s “Guess,” is maddening, but we embrace our lusts even when they are maddening, even when they make us do things we might otherwise consider reckless.

For every woman here who can locate her lust on the map of her body, who zeros in on her target and goes for it, there is another who is opened up to her lust by a lover, whether it’s Jen Cross’s narrator pondering what it was, exactly, her orally generous long-ago lover got out of being between her legs. The first words of Shanna Germain’s powerfully kinky “Beneath My Skin” are “I’m afraid,” to which her lover, Kade, responds, “You should be.” Fear can be a powerful motivator and, crossed with lust, can lead to explosive results.

Whether discovering the joy of a younger man, not to mention some delicious pudding, in “Comfort Food,” by Donna George Storey, or taking sex and bondage into the great outdoors in “Something to Ruin” by Amelia Thornton, these women indulge in new ways of getting off and pushing the limits of their lust. Thornton writes: “Despite my longing, there was still part of me that wanted to protest, to tell him to cut me loose, to run wildly through the forest back to the safety of our picnic blanket, but to me that is the beauty of rope: to desire escape but to willingly be imprisoned, to feel the pressure of something that prevents my movement, yet to know there is no place that I feel safer than when trapped like this.” She captures the excitement of giving in to a dominant lover, even when there is a small part of the narrator that is unsure, for that is precisely the part that fuels her desire. This story captures the true power that lies in submission and the many joys it can bring. In “Her, Him and Them,” by Aimee Pearl, the narrator submits to various lovers who question her and push her not only to be the best sub she can be, but to figure out why, exactly, she likes the thrill of submission and service.

I hope these stories inspire some lusty days and nights for you, as they’ have for me.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
New York City

Introduction: Ladies Who Lust

Naughty Thoughts Portia Da Costa
Guess Charlotte Stein
Her, Him, and Them Aimee Pearl
Bayou Clancy Nacht
Smoke Elizabeth Coldwell
Bite Me Lucy Hughes
Ride a Cowboy Del Carmen
Queen of Sheba Jen Cross
Hot for Teacher Rachel Kramer Bussel
Unbidden Brandy Fox
Something to Ruin Amelia Thornton
Guitar Hero Kin Fallon
Ode to a Masturbator Aimee Herman
Orchid Jacqueline Applebee
Cherry Blossom Kayar Silkenvoice
Rain Olivia Archer
The Hard Way Justine Elyot
Strapped K D Grace
Beneath My Skin Shanna Germain
Comfort Food Donna George Storey

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