Women in Lust excerpt: “Bite Me” by Lucy Hughes

An excerpt from the second story in Women in Lust, “Smoke” by Lucy Hughes.

“Hey, I want you to do me a favor,” he said, before he had a chance to lose his nerve.

She said, “Hmm?” and then waited quietly while he tugged his shirt off. Her hands settled on his back again, cool against his skin. “Ooh, you’re warm.”

“Bite me.” He offered her the inside of his left arm.

She looked bemused, but caught a bit of skin between her teeth and toyed with it gently.

In the pit of his stomach, a host of little demons readied a vat of despair in case he needed to wallow in it. “Like you mean it,” he added with forced optimism.

That got her to apply a little more pressure. It felt slightly pinchy.

“Harder?” He wanted her to make him scream.

A little more pressure. The tiny increments were driving him crazy. He clenched his teeth, as though that could make her bite down harder.

“Like you’re a vampire who’s been starving for a week,” he suggested.

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