Women in Lust: “Bayou” by Clancy Nacht

An excerpt from the second story in Women in Lust, “Bayou” by Clancy Nacht, who you can follow @clancynacht on Twitter.

From “Bayou” by Clancy Nacht

His hand presses on the center of my back, urging me forward. I grip the windowsill. My reflection gazes back at me as I spread my legs for him, letting him see all he wants of me.
I don’t dare look back at him. It ruins the moment.

I must always look forward, stare into space.

He draws the line of the ice along my lower back, filling in the space with swirls, light touches. He repeats it long enough to hear me moan, to watch my spine rise trying to get more of the cold tip of the ice. My skin flinches, shrinking from his fingers as he strokes the ice along my body.

Just a sliver in his hand, he dips it between my asscheeks; I jump. I’ve never felt the chill of ice on my anus; never felt it swirling around my opening like that.

The confused sensations make me shiver; such a warm area suddenly flushing with cold. And he moves it down, down, down to that sensitive skin between.

My pussy clenches in anticipation.

I want to feel it there. I dread the absolute cold of the ice, but I want the pure sensation. I want to feel the chill of it on my hot opening. I want to take it inside of me and turn it into nothing but water.

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